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APA El Refugio

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APA El Refugio

El Refugio is a non-profit Animal Protection Association (Civil Association), founded in 1999 and located in Montevideo, Uruguay. Today we house 370 dogs and 40 cats, all rescued from the most diverse situations of abuse, neglect and cruelty. Once recovered, neutered and vaccinated, the search for a responsible home for them begins .

Our mission is to help all the animals that are in El Refugio today to find a family that loves, cares for and protects them, and to provide the best quality of life to those who, for various reasons, cannot be adopted. Through educational campaigns, we aim to raise awareness about the responsible ownership of companion animals and promote a philosophy of respect for life, in all its forms.

We need your support to continue with our mission. Become a collaborating partner and help us with the maintenance, feeding and veterinary expenses of so many animals under our charge.