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Migrants Organise Ltd

Migrants Organise is a platform where refugees and migrants act together for dignity and justice. We were founded in Ladbroke Grove, West London, 26 years ago in order to serve the needs of the local migrant and refugee population. We provide casework support to more than 350 individuals locally, whilst working across the country to create strategic campaigns for migrant and racial justice.

The casework support we provide is holistic, and includes immigration advice, language classes and recreation/social activities. Our members are individuals whose cases are regarded as ‘complex’ and we work to support them towards overcoming the barriers they face, and towards a life of greater dignity.

The experiences of our members feed into our overarching aim of building a migrant-led movement for justice. We develop leadership and open up spaces for relational, organised participation of migrants and refugees in public life, and work collaboratively with others to ensure our work is broad-based and impactful.

The worsening situation of migrant rights in Britain necessitates that a connection be made between individual cases and the structural exclusion and discrimination that creates these instances of injustice. We aim to bring about long-term structural change by creating a powerful migrant justice movement with the force to dismantle and reverse the racist trends in public opinion and policy.

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