REGISTRY FOR Aakash Abbi & Jamie Handler Just Married!

Date: 07/13/2019

Location: Sea Cliff, New York

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A Note From the couple

Aakash Abbi & Jamie Handler Just Married!

We want to make the option of supporting causes that are important to us as easy as possible, and we hope you’ll consider giving to one of these fine organizations in lieu of other gifts.


RAINN, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the country, has been an invaluable resource for thousands of people including many who are near to our hearts. Their national hotline and various abuse prevention and survivor aid programs are services that save lives.


The Southern Poverty Law Center works to fight bigotry on many fronts. Their legal team has won victories on issues ranging from police brutality to access to public education for undocumented children. Their ‘Tolerance Project’, with which Aakash has worked, produces free resources for educators seeking to incorporate an anti-bias message into their curriculum.


MATHCOUNTS works to make learning math a fun and rewarding experience for middle school students. Having led a chapter of its National Math Club and coached a team through its Competition Series, Jamie has seen firsthand how the organization transforms students’ mindsets and fosters early enthusiasm in STEM education.

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