REGISTRY FOR Allison Frey & Clayton Hamilton Just Married!

Date: 06/02/2020

Location: San Jose Del Cabo

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A Note From the couple

Allison Frey & Clayton Hamilton Just Married!

To our beloved family and friends,

We have both been extremely fortunate in life. Over the years, we have acquired many of the “essential” home items a newly engaged couple needs. We are ready and excited to build a home together in the future. It is for this reason that we would like to give you the option to donate your gift to a deserving organization that is close to our hearts.

Both of us have a passion for wildlife and animal welfare. Upon traveling to Thailand in 2018, we visited Elephant Nature Park – a sanctuary and rescue center for abused elephants.

The Thai government does not support elephant sanctuaries because they do not bring in enough money from tourism. Instead, elephants are forced through cruel and abusive measures to allow humans to ride them. Elephant Nature Park was started in the 1990s by Lek Chailert. Lek has rescued over 200 distressed elephants since opening. Lek advocates not only for the plight of the Asian elephant, but all animals in general. She has accommodated over 400 dogs, cats, birds, and water buffaloes at the Park. In addition, she has managed to convince several independent camps to improve the lives of elephants and forbid tourists from riding them through her Saddle Off! outreach program.

We became very passionate about this organization during our visit to the park. In lieu of material gifts, we would like to provide the option of donating to this wonderful cause, in support of the elephants, dogs, and all other animals living at Elephant Nature Park.

Love elephants – do not ride them! Thank you for supporting a cause that is so important to us!

With love,
Allison and Clayton

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