REGISTRY FOR Bailey Beins & Scott Marek Just Married!

Date: 01/18/2020

Location: Denver, CO

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A Note From the couple

Bailey Beins & Scott Marek Just Married!

A few short months after buying our house, I was able to convince Scott that we needed an animal – we had plenty of space and the house was just too quiet. One Friday after work I dragged Scott to our local animal shelter “just to look” and that is where we met our sweet girl Luna – a petite black cat with a ton of personality.

Luna had just had a litter of kittens and her previous owners decided to drop her off at the shelter but keep the babies – and we are so glad they did. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without her “hunting” us in the dead of night while we are asleep (she keeps us young and on our toes). The Denver Dumb Friends League is a great organization that cares for all types of animals and is an organization near and dear to our hearts.

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