REGISTRY FOR Cassandra McLaren & Cassidy Magrath

Date: 09/18/2022

Location: Poulsbo, WA

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A Note From the couple

Cassandra McLaren & Cassidy Magrath

For all that we wish that the hurt in the world would disappear from one moment to the next, the reality is that it takes a lot of work to improve things. If a large number of people give a small fraction of their time, a lot of good could be done towards improving our world. This is something that we both hold close to our hearts, and it would make our happy day just that little bit better if we are able to contribute to putting more good into the world. We hope you join us in making the world a better, and safer place.

If you have a charity that you hold dear to your heart and it is not one of the three listed here we encourage you to make a donation to that charity instead!

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