REGISTRY FOR Emma Aarnes & Jim Rohner Just Married!

Date: 09/26/2021

Location: Arte Cafe

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A Note From the couple

Emma Aarnes & Jim Rohner Just Married!

**City Harvest** – City Harvest is a leading organization fighting food insecurity in a city where 1 in 5 children face hunger on a daily basis. We have both volunteered regularly at food pantries in NYC and care deeply about this issue.

**Greenville, SC Humane Society** – We love pets! What would the internet be without pictures of cute animals? Even worse than it already is, is what. Emma grew up with shelter pets and Jim is a pet-parent newbie (see our cat, Neville, in the picture), but we both know how much joy pets can bring to our lives. Neville is a SC native and was rescued by none other than Eric Dieter, the Man of Honor. We’re so grateful to have our beast, we want to help other animals in Emma’s home state find forever homes.

**Planned Parenthood** – We know this one will seem controversial, but that is not our intent. PP provides healthcare to women (and men) who would otherwise go without, including annual exams, cancer screenings, prenatal care, and reproductive healthcare. In some poor communities and rural areas it is the *only* source of this care. Their work saves lives.

Miss Manners has insisted we provide a small registry of some kind, so if you’d rather not donate to one of these causes but still would like to get us something, we have the good grace to accept. Please copy this link and paste it in your browser:

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