REGISTRY FOR Jared Polis & Marlon Reis Just Married!

Date: 09/15/2021

Location: Boulder, CO

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A Note From the couple

Jared Polis & Marlon Reis Just Married!

Dear, Family and Friends,

We look forward to celebrating our special day with you in just a few short weeks.

Good fortune has blessed us with everything we need; most of all, our health and love for one another, but also the comfort of a good home. Now more than ever, we recognize that health is wealth.

Whether you make a donation, provide a small personal token of affection, or send a simple but heartfelt note of congrats, we are grateful for your friendship and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Your presence at our wedding is gift enough. But if you are so inclined, please consider a charitable donation in lieu of a material gift, to one of three wonderful organizations we have selected that represent causes near and dear to our hearts.

~ The Wild Animal Sanctuary based in Keenseburg, Colorado is the world’s largest captive carnivore sanctuary. All told, the sanctuary encompasses nearly 11,000 acres, providing large-acreage habitat for the hundreds of animals it rescues each year. Animals once forced to stand on hard concrete and to perform tricks for the entertainment of spectators, now live peacefully on solid ground that can never be taken away.

~ The Nature Conservancy is one of the most effective environmental organizations in the world, and has been an important partner in helping to keep Colorado the special place it is. They do conservation work in over 72 countries.

~ Wikipedia is the world’s largest collection of information in human history and a wonder of the modern world. Not only is Wikipedia an amazing, freely accessible repository of human knowledge, but Caspian especially loves it and even edits linguistics articles!

We are grateful that you are part of our lives.

Much Love,

Jared and Marlon

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