REGISTRY FOR Kate Newbury-Helps & Joshua Hyde Just Married!

Date: 09/21/2019

Location: √Čvora, Portugal

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A Note From the couple

Kate Newbury-Helps & Joshua Hyde Just Married!

As part of our celebrations in Portugal, we have set up this registry for those who would like to donate to two charities we support.

Give Directly allows you to send money directly to those in extreme poverty. We support Give Directly because they undertake rigorous evaluation of impacts and are backed by GiveWell and as providers of cost-effective and well-documented positive impact.
Read more about Give Directly here:
Read GiveWell’s analysis of Give Directly here:

International Alert is the world-leading peacebuilding charity, working to solve the root causes of conflict from grassroots to policy level. We support International Alert’s work to bring together communities divided by conflict to find ways of resolving their differences without violence.
Read more about International Alert’s work here:

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