REGISTRY FOR Lara Beasley & Eddie Douglass Just Married!

Date: 10/12/2019

Location: Washington, D.C.

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A Note From the couple

Lara Beasley & Eddie Douglass Just Married!

We are so fortunate to have successful careers and the ability to buy the things we need. We would like to enable our friends and family to celebrate our marriage with donations to charities that are meaningful to us individually and as a couple.

Haiti has been important to the Beasley Family for many years. This beautiful country and its people have meant a lot to the Beasley Family and we would to give something back to help them.

The military has given a lot to both us and we would like to give back to our veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project.

Finally, anyone who knows Eddie knows how important the ocean is! (It is becoming more important to Lara too!) We want to help those that are helping to keep our oceans clean.

Thank you for giving.

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