REGISTRY FOR Laura McCully & Mike Hubbard Just Married!

Date: 08/02/2020

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

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A Note From the couple

Laura McCully & Mike Hubbard Just Married!

We are so honored that you have chosen to come to our charitable registry and make a difference for one of our chosen charities in honor of our wedding! Thank you!

As you know, Laura’s father Dan passed away in 2016 from complications caused by pancreatic cancer. In his memory we have chosen the Pancreatic Action Network which works to fund both research and patient support for people suffering with this devastating disease. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to treat and it is the Pancreatic Action Network’s goal to advance some very exciting research in this field and improve the survival rates of this cancer.

We have also had a long relationship with the organization called Kiva. Kiva is a microlending NGO that provides low interest loans and support for entrepreneurs in some of the world’s most underdeveloped countries. With a Kiva loan a woman can start a business and grow it. This enables her to support her family, send her children to school, and access healthcare. She can then turn around and repay her Kiva loan so that the next woman down the line can do the same. Kiva is truly a way for the same money to help people many, many times. Kiva gives people a way to help themselves in a sustainable and long term way.

Finally, we chose Doctors Without Borders because they provide vital humanitarian aid and medical care to the millions of people around the world living in conflict zones who are suffering without medical infastructure. Their important work speaks for iteself.

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