REGISTRY FOR Lauryn Hochberg & Fredrik Blomqvist Just Married!

Date: 10/05/2019

Location: Golden Gardens

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A Note From the couple

Lauryn Hochberg & Fredrik Blomqvist Just Married!

We are happy and healthy (and already love our dining set), so instead of gifts we hope you will put any amount you are able towards supporting decisive legal action, fighting the good fight, and reaching out to those who could use a boost.


The American Civil Liberties Union uses litigation and lobbying to defend the original civic values in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They work to ensure that every person in the US has the same basic rights and are treated with equality and fairness, no matter who they are.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Every human deserves quality, inclusive, affordable, and medically accurate healthcare. The PP Action Fund works to defend this right for us all, because access is equality.


Families belong together. RAICES works with immigrant children, families, and refugees to ensure they are fairly provided with access to free and low-cost legal services and assisting to reunite families who have been detained inhumanely.

Oh, by the way: stand up, speak out, and don’t let this continue. Call your elected rep now. #nokidsincages


And, of course, these are just three of the zillions of organizations both local and worldwide that are doing exceptional work. Wanna know more about others that we love and could support? Ask us!

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