REGISTRY FOR Lola Cooper & Russell D’Souza Just Married!

Date: 06/26/2021

Location: Aspen, Colorado

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A Note From the couple

Lola Cooper & Russell D’Souza Just Married!

Lola and I have been lucky to remain largely unaffected by COVID-19 virus or the economic challenges caused by extended lockdowns. We are painfully aware that others have not been so lucky. On our wedding – and in the decades to come – we want to make giving back an even bigger part of what we stand for as a couple. Rather than giving gifts to us this year, we ask that you support a charity we’ve chosen.

Maximum Impact Fund//
I’ve always been obsessed with finding the most effective way to do anything. And, when it comes to charitable donations, Givewell’s Maximum Donation fund takes the cake. They ensure that your dollars are put to the best use possible in improving human lives; here is a list  of the causes they support.

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