REGISTRY FOR Marta Flanagan & Charlie DUFFY Just Married!

Date: 06/13/2020

Location: Cambridge, MA

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A Note From the couple

Marta Flanagan & Charlie DUFFY Just Married!

Your presence in our lives is gift enough! Plus, we have everything we need! But if you would like to take the occasion of our wedding to make an offering to do good in the world, we especially value these three groups and causes:

— EJI The Equal Justice Initiative
During our civil rights pilgrimage in March 2019, we visited the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice (The Lynching Memorial) in Montgomery, Alabama. We were impressed with the work of Bryan Stevenson to address the inequities in our society.

— NPR National Public Radio
In our times, we need the “fourth branch of government” as never before. Public television and radio are staples in our home.

Together we have been moved by the natural beauty of Iceland, South Africa, and rural Vermont. We also witnessed the melting of ice in Iceland, severe drought in South Africa, and warming in Vermont and elsewhere. We know an urgent need for change is needed if our fragile planet is to survive.

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