REGISTRY FOR Max Segnitz & Simone Des Roches Just Married!

Date: 07/20/2019

Location: Vancouver

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A Note From the couple

Max Segnitz & Simone Des Roches Just Married!

Protecting the rights and wellbeing of our LGBT brothers and sisters is something that we believe deeply in. While we are busy planning a joyous celebration our love, many around the world and in our own communities face extreme hardship and struggle to do the same. Please help us rally behind them and show our support for right of all people to live and love freely!

As ecologists, we understand and celebrate the innate value of biological diversity. We have dedicated much of our professional lives to understanding its nuances, and we believe deeply that the many forms of biodiversity must be protected. Join us in conserving species, habitats, and ecosystem function domestically and around the globe!

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