REGISTRY FOR Megan Petrash & Scott Schroeder Just Married!

Date: 02/06/2021

Location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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A Note From the couple

Megan Petrash & Scott Schroeder Just Married!

We have been very fortunate in our lives, blessed with good families, friends, and a comfort that allows us to enjoy life. As we celebrate our big day in lieu of giving us a gift, it would mean the world to us if you could help provide resources and opportunity to charities that are important to us. We want to help spread the love and these causes are close to our hearts. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to support these charities and the incredible work they are doing!

Simply click the “MAKE DONATION” button then pick an organization below you’d like to support. You will be directed to a page where you can make the donation in celebration of our big day.

We appreciate your generosity and support!

Scott, Megan and Sophie

Denver Dumb Friends League-
The Denver Dumb Friends League is very important to us. Megan volunteers every week at this amazing animal shelter, walking dogs, cleaning kennels, and doing anything we can to make the dogs happy. The Denver Dumb Friends leagues will always be a part of our lives, because this shelter is where we adopted the center of our lives, Sophie! The Denver Dumb Friends League is all about working with our compassionate community and striving to end pet homelessness and animal suffering. Thanks to our compassionate community, the Dumb Friends League has achieved one of the highest placement rates for homeless pets in the country. Last year alone, 18,490 pets and 235 equines were adopted or reunited with their owners.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary-
The Wild Animal Sanctuary holds a special place in our hearts. Megan’s late grandfather Fred loved the sanctuary and gave generously to help save and support these majestic animals. We continue his tradition and are honored we are forever a part of The Wild Animal Sanctuary family. The Wild Animal Sanctuary rescues animals from horrific captive situations and rehabilitates them so they can live and roam freely within large natural habitats with others of their own kind. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is the oldest and largest nonprofit Sanctuary in the world dedicated exclusively to rescuing captive exotic and endangered large carnivores, providing them with a wonderful life for as long as they live, and educating about the tragic plight faced by an estimated 30,000 such animals in America today.

2 Blondes All Breed Rescue-
2 Blondes All Breed Rescue is a dog rescue run through fosters dedicated to rescuing dogs from overpopulated, high-kill shelters. We are lucky enough to be able to foster dogs for this wonderful organization saving dogs that would otherwise be euthanized simply because there is no space left in the shelters they are coming from. We get to watch these dogs learn to play and to know they are safe! We get to be a part of them learning to trust people and figuring out they will always have food in their bowl and a comfy dry place to sleep. We are so proud to be part of 2 Blondes All Breed Rescue and even though fostering can be hard we let our hearts break a little if that means these dogs hearts will never have to break again. We feel so blessed we got to be part of these pups very special journeys.

The SATO Project-
The SATO Project is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico. Rescuing dogs means more than just pulling them off a beach or the streets. The SATO Project is dedicated to each and every one of the dogs and they want to give them the greatest chance in life. After what they have been through, what they have witnessed, they never want them to suffer again. The SATO Project is making permanent change in Puerto Rico. We are planning to volunteer in Puerto Rico at the Spayathon where over 20,000 dogs and cats in underserved communities across the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico will receive spay/neuter services, receive rabies, leptospirosis and other essential vaccinations. All of these services will be provided at no cost to the pet owner. Over the next 12 months, the Spayathon will include four rounds of these services in multiple sectors across the island. This initiative will also provide high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter training and donated equipment for Puerto Rico veterinarians to increase the number of veterinarians on the island who can implement the high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter services. The SATO Project depends entirely on charitable donations to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico.

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