REGISTRY FOR Megan Steffen & Jason Camero Just Married!

Date: 04/25/2020

Location: The Lighthouse at Glen Cove, Vallejo, CA

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A Note From the couple

Megan Steffen & Jason Camero Just Married!

Jason’s Charity: American Cancer Society
For those that don’t know I lost my mom to cancer in 1995, as I sure many of you have lost loved ones too I think it’s a worthy cause.

Megan’s Charity: Expressions of Hope
I became a Resource Family (foster parent) in 2017 and though I wasn’t able to house any children, I’ve tried to contribute in other ways. Expressions of Hope is a local Napa charity that focuses on helping foster kids and parents by providing clothing, toys, furniture, support group sessions, foster parent training, and other services to help foster parents navigate the system. The couple who runs the organization are incredible people who inspired me and I would be happy to give back to them even more.

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