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Michelle Nguyen & Miguel Estrella Just Married!

For children in Vietnam who are born into poverty, there is little hope for the chance to a better life. Vietnam, as a developing country, doesn’t offer many social welfare benefits to its citizens, especially those who come from low or extremely low income families. Additionally, K-12 schooling is not free, which resulted to many children being forced to quit school and start working at a young age because their families need support and cannot afford to pay for their education. For us, it’s heartbreaking to see little kids on the street selling lottery tickets, polishing shoes, or begging for money instead of being in school and having a carefree childhood that they deserve. Furthermore, children coming from rural areas often have to move away from home to find work opportunities and are exposed to dangers such as trafficking, homelessness, sexual exploitation, drug abuse, and illness.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation rescues children in immediate dangers and works to provide long term support including education and training until they can support themselves. Their staff also works on systemic changes such as law and policy reforms and training programs so that the government can eventually provide better support to its citizens. We hope that this organization and its causes speak to you and appreciate your generosity! Your donation will help many Vietnamese families in crisis and give their children a chance at education and a better life.

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