REGISTRY FOR Nishanth Khanna & Hampton Addis Just Married!

Date: 05/18/2019

Location: Baltimore, MD

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A Note From the couple

Nishanth Khanna & Hampton Addis Just Married!

This wonderful planet has provided us with so much, and for billions of years a balance existed between the planet and the multitude of life it supports. In recent decades this balance has become an increasingly tenuous one. The planet and the many lives who call it home are in urgent need of protection. It’s in this spirit that we have chosen to support the National Resources Defense Council, which has done tremendous work protecting the environment and at-risk wildlife to preserve our most treasured resource for generations to come.

After witnessing firsthand the challenges the developing world faces, we’ve also chosen another charity, Wateraid, that’s focused on providing clean drinking water and sanitation to those around the world. Thousands die every day from not having access to sanitation and drinking water and your donation may literally be life saving.

We’d be incredibly grateful to those of you choosing to give on our behalf.

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