REGISTRY FOR Payal Patel & Harsh Patel Just Married!

Date: 2021-08-30

Location: Newport Coast, CA

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A Note From the couple

Payal Patel & Harsh Patel Just Married!

In lieu of a gift, please consider extending your generosity to these organizations.


WCK: With ongoing natural disasters around the globe, World Central Kitchen has been an integral piece in the efforts to stabilize food supply in areas most hardly hit. Their model has proven to be responsive, sustainable and resilient in the communities that they help nourish and strengthen.
Give India Covid: As we celebrate our love, we also honor our shared Indian traditions and culture. Like so many others, the people of India have been devastated by COVID. Give India’s Mission: Vaccination for All – is helping to accelerate the vaccination process in rural communities across India.
Women for Women: It’s devastating to watch what is unfolding in Afghanistan, but it’s also our duty to do what we can to help the urgent call. Unfortunately, Women for Women is working against a ticking clock and needs as much support as it can get.

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