REGISTRY FOR Carrie Robinson & Trevor Johnson Just Married!

Date: 08/26/2021

Location: District Winery

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A Note From the couple

Carrie Robinson & Trevor Johnson Just Married!

With all the blessings in our lives, and on our special day, to give to those in need would help us begin our marriage with full hearts. In lieu of gifts, please consider donating to one of our favorite charities below.

To donate to one of our chosen charities, please follow the directions below:

1)Scroll down to where it says, “Make a Donation” and select the non-profit organization that you wish to donate.

2) Once you have selected your charity, a message will appear on the screen asking you to input your donation amount and your contact information.

3) Select “Donate” and enter your payment information.

4)The Good Beginning website will send your donation on behalf of you to the charity of your choice. Your Donation Receipt will be sent to your email address.

As donations arrive, they will be tracked in our registry. We will be sure to send you a thank you card as our appreciation for your donation!

With love,
Carrie and Trevor

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