REGISTRY FOR Sapna Rao & Rishi Saxena Just Married!

Date: 08/30/2021

Location: Virginia

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A Note From the couple

Sapna Rao & Rishi Saxena Just Married!

We are very grateful to God for a life of love and laughter. As we begin our married life with full hearts, we hope to share our blessings with others. Please consider gifting us through this charity registry. No amount is insignificant 🙂

– NRDC: We are two nature-lovers looking to share the beauty of the earth with our kids someday! In this age, it is impossible to ignore the effects humans have caused on the environment. In addition to the lifestyle changes we have and aim to continue making, we believe in the importance of policy and science to create a sustainable path forward.

– Gram Vikas: In addition to bringing villages in India and Africa access to clean water, food and sanitation, we strongly believe in the work that this organization does around gender equity.

– The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund: We feel blessed every day to wake up in a healthy, safe environment, and we strongly believe that feeling should be shared by as many people – especially children – as possible.

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