REGISTRY FOR Adam & Rachel

Date: 2022-09-04

Location: Camp

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A Note From the couple

Adam & Rachel

Spending 3 days in the middle of the woods building a cult with us is the greatest gift you could give us. If you feel compelled to go further than that, we ask that you donate to one of the three below nonprofits in lieu of any other sort of gifts.

Each of the below nonprofits represents an issue that’s important to us: RAICES Texas is fighting our government’s inhumane border policies. Lilith Fund is working to make sure women in Texas have access to safe, legal abortions. And Greenpeace is trying to keep our planet alive.

Pick one, or spread your donation across a few — and let us know if you have any questions. ​

Our Charities

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The Couple's Favorite Charities

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