REGISTRY FOR Tracy Broomell & John McKenzie Just Married!

Date: 06/08/2019

Location: Michigan

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A Note From the couple

Tracy Broomell & John McKenzie Just Married!

We chose to give you several options if you choose to donate to charity in honor of our wedding. Each of these organizations has something special to offer:

Alliance for the Great Lakes: an organization protecting (shockingly) the great lakes. Since we are both born and raised in Michigan, the great lakes obviously mean a lot to us. Protecting them for future generations is very important to us!

National Public Radio: while not earthy, NPR is an organization we both love and listen to nearly daily. Especially in 2019, real and (mostly) unbiased news is incredibly important, and NPR is the best for that.

Peak 7: Based in the PNW (where Tracy lived leading up the wedding, and where we plan to live when we finally settle down), this is an organization that works to gets underprivileged kids outside to grow and learn in nature! We did MUCH of our bonding outside but also realize that being able to go outside is a privilege, and this organization makes it available to more people.

National Park Foundation: The national parks are some of the most beautiful places in America. We haven’t been to many together (yet), but have each been to many on our own, and they contributed strongly in building the love for the outdoors that helped us bond. They can always use extra money to protect their beautiful lands!

Environmental Defense Fund: The EDF works with governments and businesses to help them create incentives to be more environmental and have better environmental practices in order to protect the land and oceans of the world. This is one of the top-rated and most wide-ranging nature charities.

THANK YOU if you choose to give to any of these charities! We do wish to note that The Good Beginning (this website) gives your donated money directly to these charities – it does not go to us first/at all, though they do take a portion of the donation in order to make that service possible. If you wish to give directly to your charity of choice instead, please feel free (links available if you click on the charity name below), but then please tell us so we can make sure to properly thank you for being the beautiful human that you are. 🙂

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