REGISTRY FOR Veronica Wickline & Taylor Barker Just Married!

Date: 05/24/2020

Location: Sperryville, VA

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A Note From the couple

Veronica Wickline & Taylor Barker Just Married!

Taylor and Veronica are so grateful for any donations you choose to give to these charitable organizations.

Against Malaria Foundation is dedicated to providing malaria nets to families in developing countries. It has gained notoriety in recent years for being one of the most cost-effective charities.

Catholic Charities USA is dedicated to reducing poverty throughout the country. This network of faith-based organizations continues the work of Jesus Christ by providing for U.S. residents who lack basic necessities.

Y2Y serves the young homeless population in Cambridge, MA—the city where Taylor and Veronica met. It was founded in 2015 by recent graduates of Harvard College.

Thank you for your contribution!

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