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Asmbly Makerspace

Our mission is to enrich Austin’s creative maker community by providing a top notch creative space with tools and educational opportunities in a multidisciplinary, inviting, and member-focused setting. As an educational nonprofit, we will continue to expand class offerings to both our members and the community at large. Our classes already run the gamut from introductory woodworking to advanced welding, laser cutting, 3D printing and more.

We continually aspire to expand the disciplines offered at Asmbly, but want to be sure we do it right. We would love to offer jewelry making and ceramics in the near future and expanding into a larger space will likely be the appropriate time for these additions. Until then, we will be working to improve our current offerings.

Hiring a full-time staff to help manage our growing operations is one of our goals. We’re proud to have a few part-time staff providing essential support to our Education and Membership Teams. However, by and large, Asmbly runs on the efforts of dedicated volunteers. Each member plays a part in helping the space to flourish, from keeping the workshop and bathrooms clean, to planning for the future and managing our finances.

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Center Theatre Group

At Center Theatre Group and under the leadership of Artistic Director Snehal Desai and Managing Director/CEO Meghan Pressman, we believe theatre creates an extraordinary connection between artists and audiences that only starts on the stage. Theatre creates the energy that feeds a city, a culture, and a society. Theatre reflects the community it serves. As one of the nation’s most influential nonprofit theatre companies, we proudly continue our more than 50-year tradition of using the art of theatre to broaden horizons and illuminate new perspectives.


Chicago West Community Music Center

Chicago West Community Music Center was formed to provide high quality music instruction and community performances to reduce the music-related achievement gap between minority and non-minority students, and between economically disadvantaged students and their more advantaged peers.


Boise Bicycle Project

We are a community-focused nonprofit that promotes the personal, social, and environmental benefits of bicycling. We function as a bicycle recycling center and educational workspace in a diverse and non-threatening atmosphere. Through education, access to refurbished bicycles, and advocacy, we strive to build a stronger bicycling community.


Feed The Second Line

Feed the Second Line is non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the culture bearers of New Orleans. We seek to build a more equitable city by creating opportunity for the people that make it a vibrant place.

We support culture bearers by purchasing groceries and other essentials, we create job opportunities for culture-bearers, we provide general support for those who make our city culturally rich place.

We believe that all people are inherently creative. Our definition of culture bearer is broad and inclusive of a wide range of creative practices, both formal and informal — all of which make New Orleans a magical place to live and visit.


Ink People Inc

The Ink People changes lives by connecting the community with resources for cultural development. We encourage people to exercise their humanity, build civic discourse, and engage their creative potential. We are actively weaving the arts into the fabric of our community.


Greenwich Village Orchesta

The Greenwich Village Orchestra was founded in 1986 by a group of musicians from the New York Metropolitan area. We are a 70-person community orchestra made up of accountants, actors, artists, attorneys, carpenters, editors, physicians, professors, programmers, retirees, riverboat gamblers, scientists, secretaries, students, and teachers. For over thirty years, the Greenwich Village Orchestra has had a single purpose: to bring the best possible performances of great music to our audience. The GVO is committed to making music at the highest possible level and dedicated to enriching the lives of our players and our audience. Our performances are emotionally charged, exhilarating experiences that truly delight our audiences and the performers alike.


Mural Arts Philadelphia

For over 35 years, Mural Arts has united artists and communities through a collaborative process, rooted in the traditions of mural-making, to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives. Mural Arts engages communities in 50–100 public art projects each year, and maintains its growing collection through a restoration initiative.

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