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Cape Coral Animal Shelter

The Cape Coral Animal Shelter mission is to engage a special bond between people and animals by means of adoption services, medical care, education and training for the prevention of cruelty and abandonment. A safe place, where animals will remain in our care until they are placed in a qualified, forever home.

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Global Forest Generation

Global Forest Generation was founded in 2018 by seasoned conservationists with decades of experience protecting Latin America’s most vulnerable ecosystems. GFG is replicating and scaling up a successful community-based reforestation model that has resulted in the planting of over 3 million native trees.

GFG’s first initiative, Acción Andina, led by Latin America’s conservation leaders, will restore and protect the native Polylepis forests of the high Andes. This forest ecosystem can play a valuable role in responding to the challenges of climate change.

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Boise Rescue Mission Ministries

Since 1958, Boise Rescue Mission Ministries has been restoring faith, hope, and family across the Treasure Valley. Today, we provide homeless services to the men, women, and children of Boise, Nampa, and surrounding areas from six unique locations in Ada and Canyon counties.

At Boise Rescue Mission Ministries, we see homelessness in its entirety. For us, taking care of homeless men, women and children isn’t simply about addressing physical needs — food, shelter, clothing — it’s just as much about addressing mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

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From the Heart Animal Sanctuary

The mission of From the Heart Animal Sanctuary is to rescue special needs animals who find themselves in peril, to rehab them if necessary and then give them a forever home at the Sanctuary.

While here, they serve as content for children’s art classes. Kids, ages 5-12, are taught the physical and behavioral characteristics of each animal through drawing and painting with the classes being held at the Paso Robles Youth Art Center.

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WildAid inspires change and empowers the world to protect wildlife and vital habitats from critical threats including illegal wildlife trafficking, climate change, and illegal fishing. WildAid delivers impact at scale in two distinct ways: 1) creating innovative communications campaigns that inspire millions of people in China, South East Asia, Africa, and the U.S. to protect endangered wildlife and reduce climate impacts, and 2) strengthening effective ocean enforcement of priority marine areas including marine protected areas, coastal fisheries, coral reefs, and blue carbon habitats with government, NGO, and community partners in 16 countries around the globe.

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Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary

From the Owner: The idea of Hope Haven was born in 2008 while I was driving to Pittsburgh from my hometown in Vermont. I was thinking about my career as a veterinary surgeon and how I loved performing spay/neuter to help stop the pet overpopulation problem.

But recently I was feeling upset by the number of unwanted ducks, pigs, and roosters being surrendered at the shelter where I worked. Most of these farm animals could not be properly housed in the stainless steel cat cages or long dog runs so I had been taking many of them home to care for myself.

Rehabilitating a tiny pot-bellied piglet named Isaac opened my eyes to the exuberant love-of-life farm animals feel. Isaac would romp and jump like a puppy, seek me out for companionship, and give me looks that were so expressive I always knew what he was “saying”. I shuddered at the thought of what would have happened to Isaac if he had gone to auction or to a worse fate.

So during that long drive through New England I asked myself this life-altering question, “What would I do with my life if I KNEW I couldn’t fail?”
That question opened my eyes to my life’s purpose! I would start a farm animal sanctuary and raise public awareness to the plight of thousands of voiceless animals.

Karen, Founder of Hope Haven
After more than 4 long years of searching, I purchased an overgrown and neglected 6 acre property in June of 2011. It was a diamond-in-the-rough; its potential made my heart sing! The land was close enough to the Pittsburgh to welcome city visitors, but also had the perfect mix of pasture land and woods to keep many needy animals happy and safe. A beautiful bank barn was built to home to larger animals and a big abandoned shed was renovated into a cozy condo for pigs. Over the years other improvements have been added. A large outbuilding has been altered into a sturdy and expansive poultry house. A pond was created explicitly for the pleasure of ducks, geese, and even swans! There is a beautiful walking trail on the property, as well as environmental updates such as rain water barrels, a veggie garden, a small fruit orchid, and compost units.

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K9s For Warriors

K9s For Warriors serves our Veterans as honorably as they served their country. Our lifelong program is provided to Warriors at no cost and is designed to deliver maximum benefit with minimum administrative costs. We are proud that generous supporters trust us to do the right thing with their contributions, and we have received widespread recognition for our stewardship. Impacting the lives of Veterans will always be our greatest reward. Their continued participation in the program is the only validation we need.

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Project New Yorker Corporation

Project New Yorker serves South-Asian immigrants and low-income residents in Southern Queens. Majority of our clients are Bangladeshi women who are diverse in background, with varying education levels, age, culture, religion, and beliefs.

NYC’s Bangladeshi population is among the fastest growing ethnic groups and according to the Asian American Federation’s report, there has been an 88% change from 2010 to 2015. Relative to other city residents they are more likely to be limited English proficient, with 53% of the population reporting limited proficiency. They are also more likely to be living in poverty and in overcrowded housing. As one of the only community-based organizations serving this population in NYC, and the only one in Queens, Project New Yorker is a unique source of services and access for the Bangladeshi community.

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