Rebuilding Lives

Rebuilding Lives

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

Atlanta Habitat enables families to thrive by taking a comprehensive, targeted neighborhood revitalization approach. We are engaged in key conversations about affordable housing policy both locally and nationally.

Rebuilding Lives


Shatterproof is leading many programs to help reduce the stigma of addiction, improve treatment quality and access, and save lives.

Rebuilding Lives

Skid Row Running Club

We are an Unusual Running Club that uses the power of running to improve the lives of those who are at risk of homelessness and addiction.

Rebuilding Lives

Free to Run

Free to Run works to support women and girls in areas of conflict through adventure sports to build their physical, emotional, and social well being; developing them into community leaders so they can bring people together across cultural, ethnic and religious lines. We provide them with the tools to succeed and support them to transfer those successes to their everyday lives.

Rebuilding Lives

Beyond Housing

Today, Beyond Housing helps communities become better places to live. Thriving communities support healthy families and children. They offer a sense of pride and ownership. They see people through a crisis and help them build their dreams into realities. We are a comprehensive community development organization convening partners and providing leadership. From purchasing a home to health, education, jobs, and economic development, we offer holistic resources and support. By strengthening communities, we empower the people and families who call their community home.

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Jana’s Campaign

A national education and violence prevention organization with the single mission of reducing gender and relationship violence. In honor of the late Jana Mackey and other victims and survivors of gender and relationship violence, Jana’s Campaign delivers educational programs that prevent domestic and dating violence, sexual violence, and stalking.

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Rebuilding Lives

Warrior Expeditions

Warrior Expeditions is a non-profit outdoor therapy program that helps combat veterans transition from their military service through long-distance outdoor expeditions.

Veterans participate full-time for 3 – 6 months while hiking, biking, or paddling between 800 – 3,700 miles across 35 states. In addition to the therapeutic effects of long-term immersion in nature, Warrior Expeditions programs combine intense physical activity, psycho-educational training, veteran camaraderie, and community interaction to help veterans process and come to terms with their wartime experiences. Seven years of psychiatric data shows meaningful improvements in PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns after a Warrior Hike, Warrior Bike, or Warrior Paddle expedition.

Rebuilding Lives


Refoodee is a 501(c)(3) non profit foundation that helps people rebuild their lives in the United States through the economic empowerment of the hospitality industry.

Refoodee works to address the hospitality industry’s labor shortage through training and employment opportunities for those who have been forced to flee their country due to persecution, war or violence by providing them with skills and training to become economically stable. Refoodee is committed to celebrating unique cultures and bringing attention to human rights issues faced within underserved communities.

Refoodee has partnered with the United Nations Refugee Agency because of our shared vision and commitment to helping people transition into their new lives in the United States.

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