Rebuilding Lives

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Americorps St. Louis

MISSION: To enhance the professional skills and life-long service ethic of those who serve; to respond to critical unmet needs in the areas of emergency response and environmental conservation; to leverage service of volunteers; and to build the capacity for our partnering agencies and communities we serve
Our Vision: To be a purveyor of skill, a beacon of hope, and a model of public stewardship. AmeriCorps St. Louis serves to protect people and places through service to our local, state, and national community in emergency response and environmental stewardship. We focus our service on vulnerable populations, striving to address needs of those least served, last served, and never served.

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United Way of Lee, Hendry, and Glades

United Way of Lee, Hendry, and Glades is a volunteer driven organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people in our community. This is accomplished through fundraising, fund distribution, community building, volunteer advancement, and information and referral.

United Way’s expertise is in uniting the community, problem solving, and driving collective action to amplify the power of the individual and achieve what no one person or organization can achieve alone.

When you invest in our community through United Way, you do more than you could do alone. Your contribution is combined with thousands of others, magnifying and multiplying the power of your gift. There is no single gift that provides as many health and human services, right here in our community, as your gift to our United Way.

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BeLoved Asheville

“BeLoved constantly is in the “eye of the storm” providing for those in need and helping us to remember the humanity in all.”

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Asheville Poverty Initiative

Our mission is to build community and promote economic justice.
Dismantling stereotypes, reducing fear, and empowering hope through telling stories across socio-economic difference.
We envision a beloved community that celebrates mutuality, abundance, and justice.

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Pacific Links Foundation

Our mission is to support the sustainable development of Vietnamese communities and the enrichment of their cultural heritage.

Pacific Links Foundation has 20+ years of experience in empowering women and youth. We empower women and youth through improving life skills, raising self-awareness, bringing new knowledge and opening opportunities and supportive networks. Our Education portfolio empowers disadvantaged youth to access education and increase economic opportunities. Our Modern Slavery Prevention portfolio invests comprehensively in at-risk youths to prevent trafficking and in survivors to help them build new lives.

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Casa Marianella

Casa Marianella welcomes displaced immigrants and promotes self-sufficiency by providing shelter and support services.

Our ultimate vision is that all immigrants arriving in Austin will have safe housing and access to the services they need to be successful.

Two clusters of shelters in renovated houses in residential neighborhoods in East Austin serve women and children escaping violence and adult immigrants. Our shelters are home-like facilities designed to meet emergency or transitional needs so vulnerable and injured people can resolve their immediate crisis, get stabilized and once again become independent, which then opens up space for new residents. In 29 years, our population has evolved from survivors of the Salvadoran war to asylum seeking refugees and other immigrants from over 40 countries.
Casa Marianella is the only homeless shelter in Austin dedicated solely to immigrants. 65% of our shelter residents, including children, are asylum seekers, many coming to us from immigration detention.

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Texas Jail Project

The mission of Texas Jail Project is to empower incarcerated people in county jails by lifting their voices through stories, testimonies, and community building. We hold jails as well as the entire criminal punishment system accountable—informing the public and lawmakers about civil rights violations, structural racism, and the punitive attitudes underlying the mistreatment and medical neglect inside Texas county jails.

Rebuilding Lives

So Others Might Eat

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Homelessness for Over 50 Years
Since 1970, SOME has been a care provider and a beacon of hope to DC residents, including individuals, families, senior citizens, veterans and those affected by physical or mental health challenges. We meet their immediate and long-term needs through our comprehensive approach to health and wellness, known as Whole Person Care. By nurturing the complete human experience, we help our clients create happier and healthier futures for themselves and their families.

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