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Morgan Hoffmann Foundation

Living his childhood dream, he thrived as a professional golfer, competing at the highest level on the PGA TOUR. Beyond the fairways, his achievements were equally impressive. Co-founding Greyson Clothiers with one of his best friends, Morgan enjoyed immediate success as an entrepreneur. Embracing his passions, he took up aviation, even piloting his own flights to tournaments. Most importantly, he found a partner in his wife Chelsea who matches his own outlook and enthusiasm for life.

At some point, he began to notice an issue with a pectoral muscle and sought medical advice. Following an arduous process of tests and consultations, he received a life-altering diagnosis in 2017: Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD), a rare form of muscular dystrophy. Doctors gave very little in terms of support or direction, so Morgan and Chelsea sprang into action.

What followed was an incredible journey, one that stirred a profound awakening within Morgan. As he sought answers for himself, he uncovered invaluable lessons that transformed his perspective on life. Confronting an ostensibly insurmountable challenge, he harnessed it as a catalyst for unprecedented growth. When conventional medical avenues faltered, he discovered solace in the embrace of nature, nourishment in the power of food, and strength within his own being.

Shortly after his 2017 diagnosis, Morgan and Chelsea established The Morgan Hoffmann Foundation, driven by an unwavering commitment to share these transformative insights with the world.

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Congenital Hyperinsulinism International

CHI was founded in May, 2005, by concerned parents of children with HI who had met in the early years of the social media revolution through a Yahoo! Groups community (the “hyperins” message board), launched in May, 1999. CHI founders wanted to make sure there was an organization that could advocate on behalf of each child brought in to the world with the disorder, irrespective of where the child was born and the family’s resources. CHI founders wanted to create opportunities for HI families to come together and learn from leading world experts and each other. CHI founders wanted to help support research so that children born with HI in the future would never die or suffer from brain damage. CHI founders wanted to make sure that when a baby presents with the disorder, medical personnel would quickly make a correct diagnosis so that the baby does not suffer from needless brain damage. CHI founders understood that to be successful, parents would have to work side by side with medical specialists to reach these goals, and so they formed the CHI Scientific Advisory Group (SAG). The SAG is comprised of the leading world specialists treating and researching HI. CHI founders believe that all HI families around the globe are part of the CHI Family.

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Foundation for Morristown Medical Center

We are the hospital’s champions. Established in 1995, the Foundation for Morristown Medical Center is a nonprofit, public foundation. Our mission? To inspire community philanthropy to advance exceptional health care for patients at Morristown Medical Center and Goryeb Children’s Hospital. Our objective is to use philanthropy to preserve and expand programs and services in patient care, clinical research, medical and public health education, and preventive medicine.

Once patient bills are paid and reimbursements received, our not-for-profit hospitals depend on philanthropy to fund infrastructure improvements, emerging technologies and the medical expertise needed to meet the demand for their services. And that demand is growing rapidly. Morristown Medical Center and Goryeb Children’s Hospital have become destinations for care throughout the region. We help to ensure that all of those patients get the care they deserve, the kind of care we want for our own families.

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Our story began in 1996, with a girl named Samantha. Without warning, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and her dad’s friend and co-worker wanted to help. It was in this moment that Miracles for Kids was born, beginning our decades-long journey of helping families with critically-ill children.

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The Center for Discovery

The Center for Discovery® (non-profit organization), designated as a Center of Excellence by the New York State Department of Health and OPWDD, is a major research and specialty center that offers residential, medical, clinical and special education programs as well as world-class Music and Creative Arts Therapy, Adapted Physical Education, and a biodynamic agricultural program among other unique services.

Located on 1,500 acres of land in the Mid-Hudson Region, less than two hours from New York City, The Center has become a magnet institution where individuals from around the region and world travel to receive highly advanced care and access to groundbreaking research and treatment for a myriad of complex conditions. The Center has a long history of innovation in curriculum development, program implementation, and assistive technology, leading to significant breakthroughs and life-changing opportunities.

Each year, The Center serves 1,200 children and adults from across New York State and beyond. Growing from 25 employees in 1980 to over 1,700 employees in 2020, The Center is the largest private sector employer in Sullivan County, New York. Over the last seven years, The Center for Discovery® has generated $1.075 billion of economic impact for the State of New York.

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Hope Clinic of McKinney

Hope Clinic of McKinney is a faith-based non-profit where we look to share the love of Christ by providing hope and healing for the whole person. Our vision is to become the full time medical home for over 1,000 uninsured residents in our county. We strive to create a space where everyone is treated with dignity, respect and love while delivering high quality medical, wellness and spiritual care.

Hope Clinic of McKinney saw its first patient in 2017, the fulfillment of a plan that began in 2014 with the recognition of the unmet need for quality care for the uninsured in our community. 12% of McKinney residents are without medical insurance. In East McKinney where Hope Clinic is located, the need is even higher. In June 2016, a team of volunteers and partners formed to bring our mission of Hope and Healing in McKinney to life. Hope Clinic of Garland, a well-established charitable clinic in Dallas County, welcomed the team into their facility and provided much-needed encouragement and knowledge. We partnered with the Baptist Immigration Center, who generously offered to donate the use of their building to Hope Clinic to use when they were closed. And Empowering Community Health Outreach donated their consulting services to provide vital direction and infrastructure to clinic planning.

Through the hard work of its volunteers, and with the support of the community, Hope Clinic began operations one day a week at the Baptist Immigration Center in July 2017 to provide medical services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. By 2018, clinic operations expanded to 2 days. And in September 2019, Hope Clinic relocated to our current location which is a dedicated permanent clinic space on E. Lamar. Our new home allows for increased operating hours and more patients. Our vision is to expand operations over the next few years to be able to see medical and counseling patients 5 days a week.

Over 100 volunteers from all across the community have worked together to serve our uninsured neighbors at the Hope Clinic of McKinney. And we have grown to serve hundreds of patients and provide thousands of appointments to patients who otherwise would have gone without care or gone to an emergency room for basic medical care.

We need people like you to serve those who need it most.

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The Brigid Alliance

For many Americans, the costs and logistical challenges of getting to an abortion provider are primary barriers to access, and it’s only getting harder. We book, coordinate and pay for travel, travel expenses, and child care, serving as a single, trusted point of contact for every step of the journey. Wherever someone needs to get to abortion care in the U.S., we find a way to get them there – through direct support and in collaboration with our network of partners.

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A Better Choice

A Better Choice was founded in 1993 by a group of volunteers. We moved into our current location in 1996 next to a (now closed) abortion clinic at Central and Hillside. We continue to operate from this location, providing much needed pregnancy services and support. Over 50,000 pregnancy tests and compassionate conversations have occurred in our office. We began offering limited ultrasounds in 2002 thanks to generous donors and the Knights of Columbus, and have since provided over 3,000 sonograms performed by medical volunteers.

In 2018 we expanded next door into a second building completely devoted to our sonogram program. Although we are an independent non-diocesan ministry, Bishop Carl Kemme blessed our sonogram building at its grand opening. In 2020 we added a social worker to our staff to oversee resource management for our clients. We operate with a small staff and a large volunteer base and are supported entirely by generous donors from the loving pro-life community.

It is impossible to say just how many lives have been saved through our 27-year history, although the number is easily in the thousands – all thanks to God and the faithful individuals who have responded to His call to serve women and the unborn.

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