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In Crisis, Education, Rebuilding Lives


We provide training, mentoring and technical support for NGOs, aid workers, and communities responding to humanitarian crises. Worldwide https://www.redr.org.uk/

In Crisis, Rebuilding Lives, Human Rights, Animal Welfare


Ahimsa House, meaning “nonviolence,” is an organization dedicated to addressing the links between domestic violence and animal abuse. Anywhere in…

Human Rights, Healthcare


Planned Parenthood Southeast believes in the fundamental right of each individual, throughout our service area, to manage his or her…

Education, Rebuilding Lives, Poverty & Hunger, Children


Centering Youth is a yoga service initiative that brings Yoga and Mindfulness to young people in juvenile justice system, and to…


National Guild for Community Arts Education

The National Guild strives to ensure all people have opportunities to maximize their creative potential.

Poverty & Hunger


At Mid-Ohio Foodbank, we find it unacceptable for thousands of our neighbors—most of them children and seniors—to go hungry. We…

Animal Welfare

Speak for the Unspoken

SPEAK! for the Unspoken is a registered 501(c)(3) pet rescue located in the Columbus, Ohio area. We are a foster based rescue, devoted to both animal rescue and education. We focus our rescue efforts on special needs animals, most often those with hearing and vision impairments. Most of the animals we save are double merle Australian Shepherds born with vision and/or hearing deficits due to inappropriate merle to merle breeding practices. We believe special needs dogs are capable of living happy and healthy lives, and we work to educate the public about these amazing animals.

Our Mission statement is “Special needs, good deeds. We see possibilities, not disabilities.” Our mission reflects the fact that we also will assist any animal in need whether it be an exceptionally difficult medical case—like cataract surgery to return vision to an otherwise normal Aussie, or a litter of puppies at risk of parvo in a shelter environment.

These special dogs are truly amazing creatures that overcome their disabilities with courage and grace. Until the careless breeding stops, we will continue to find these special dogs the homes they deserve.

Rebuilding Lives


When you support Thistle Farms, you help women survivors heal. We are dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from…

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