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Helping Paws Rescue MX

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Helping Paws Rescue MX

Cassandra and Shane Cozzolino both were born into rescue. Shane’s mother is a lifelong Horse trainer and rescuer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Cassandra comes from a long line of animal lovers who always tried to help any animal in need that came across their path. So when these two met in 2008 its only natural that their love for rescuing truly blossomed! They started off helping animals they found or heard needed help in the central coast of California. When they decided to relocate to Mexico in 2017 they found an overwhelming amount of animals needing help. The rescued expanded from 1-5 animals in the begining to over 50 in our care by 2018. Cassandra realized she wanted to make the leap so in 2020 she gave up her full time job and immersed herself in the rescue full time. It quickly grew to over 100 animals in our care! In the Fall of 2020 Cassandra’s parents, Bob and Denise, came on full time as well! Finally Shane took the plunge in the Spring of 2021 and joined the crew full time! We now house and care for over 100 animals at any given time! Working together as a family is nothing new to us. Cassandra and her parents owned an automotive repair shop together for many years. But Bob suffered many health issues as he got older and could no longer work the demanding schedule needed to run the shop. So he and Denise retired, or so they thought. When they first had the opportunity to foster for the rescue they found the perfect thing to add enjoyment to their retirement! Their involvement grew daily and before they knew it they were taking the plunge to becoming fully involved in the rescue! While working with family can present its own challenges we have found that we all bring a unique perspective and skill set. So we refine, encourage, support, and correct each other to be our best versions of ourselves and in turn give every animal here our best!


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