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Sandi Paws Rescue, Inc

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Sandi Paws Rescue, Inc

Sandi Paws Rescue was started in loving memory of my service dog, Sandi.

Sandi knew that when I put her service jacket on she had a job to do. She gave 110% everyday of her life, to everyone she met. To see the joy she gave to people was amazing. Sandi was 16 years young when I had to tell her goodbye.

I knew I couldn’t replace the dog I lost when I went looking to fill the really big hole in my heart that was left by her. Sandi gave every bit of herself every day to all kinds of people, and now it was my turn to give. To give back 110% everyday to the dogs out there that have never had a loving family or all the dogs in shelters or wandering the street that go to bed hungry and scared every night.

So, in memory of my beloved Sandi, I promise to give 110% back everyday to this rescue and place dogs in a loving and safe home as they all so deserve.