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Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue

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Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue

Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue is a volunteer-powered 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to rescuing homeless, neglected, and abandoned animals from certain euthanasia and finding them loving forever homes.

We specialize in rescuing cleft palate neonates, hydrocephalus, and other special needs babies in Texas and all of the surrounding states. Our main base is located Austin, Texas and we have a crew of people all over Texas. We have a very high success rate with our special needs babies.

Our entire mission is saving lives and spreading awareness.

If you ever need help, need rescue, need guidance – We can help you! Our director of operations is a vet tech and works hand in hand with veterinarians. We do not turn away any cleft pup regardless of their breed or species. We are 100% discrete, confidential, and breeder friendly. We have everything they need to thrive including oxygen concentrators, incubators, tube feeders, transporters, and fosters all around the state of Texas.