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Thrive Alabama

Thrive Alabama empowers our patients to create a healthy community by providing compassionate, accessible, affordable, comprehensive care.

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Conservation Law Foundation

CLF protects New England’s environment for the benefit of all people. We use the law, science, and the market to create solutions that preserve our natural resources, build healthy communities, and sustain a vibrant economy.

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Cal’s Angels

Cal’s Angels is a pediatric cancer foundation with a mission of granting wishes, raising awareness, and funding research to help kids fighting cancer. Because we have lived the battle with pediatric cancer, we understand what these families are going through. The help that we provide these families through our programs is a great resource when they need it the most.

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The HOME Project

The HOME Project is an internationally funded non-profit organization set up to address the needs of refugee children who arrive in Greece alone. We rescue children from the streets, camps, police stations, detention centres and welcome them in the safety of our HOMES in Athens. Our ultimate aim is to empower these children to persevere and grow into active citizens.


At The HOME Project we:

Recreate HOMES, offering stability and a place to return to after children become young adults
Offer a HOLISTIC NETWORK OF CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES. We design an INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN providing for every child’s needs, including physical and mental health, educational, social, pedagogical and legal support
Create JOBS for both the Greek and the refugee community
ADD VALUE to the local economy by renting and transforming vacant buildings into renovated Homes of active community members
Since 2016 we have grown to operate 14 shelters with a capacity of 270 children, have supported more than 950 unaccompanied children, and we have created 170 jobs.

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Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

The mission of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is to assist the U. S. Marine Corps in providing a tangible sign of hope to economically disadvantaged children at Christmas. This assistance includes providing day-to-day leadership and oversight of the Program, raising funds to provide toys to supplement the collections of local Toys for Tots Campaigns, to provide promotional and support material and defray the costs of conducting annual Toys for Tots Campaigns. Other Foundation support includes providing administrative, advisory, financial, logistic and promotional support to local Toys for Tots Coordinators; managing funds raised and monies donated based on the use of Toys for Tots name or logo; providing other support the Marine Corps, as a federal agency, cannot provide; and conducting public education and information programs about Toys for Tots that call the general public to action in support of this patriotic community action program.

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Pats Place Child Advocacy Center

Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center is named in loving memory of Patricia “Pat” Wolfe, a tremendous child advocate for the Charlotte community who passed away on May 7, 2000. As a former juvenile court counselor, social worker, and case advocate, Pat was well-known for her passion in assisting children in need. She often used her own finances to help “her kids” buy food, clothing, access to daycare, and any other personal need. After more than 30 years of working with youth throughout Mecklenburg County, it was not uncommon for grown adults to call Pat or stop in to visit because they were so appreciative of the compassion she had shown for them as children. Prior to her sudden passing, Pat was involved in the planning process for opening an advocacy center in Charlotte that would assist children specifically involved in sexual abuse. Today, that center is known as Pat’s Place in honor of a woman who gave her all to ensure the safety and well-being of the children in our community. The idea for Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center was incubated at the Council for Children (now Council for Children’s Rights) to address an acute problem faced by child victims of abuse in Charlotte. All too often, children with the courage to talk about the abuse they had experienced were expected to undergo repeated questioning about the most traumatic event in their lives. Pat’s Place was established to ensure that all the services a child and family needs (medical examinations, forensic interviewing, advocacy support) could occur in one location – a safe, nurturing, child-friendly environment, at no cost to a child’s family. Since opening with one staff member in 2005, Pat’s Place has experienced significant program growth and now employs 20 professionals with wide ranging expertise. The incredible support and generosity of community stakeholders have helped Pat’s Place achieve great things during its brief history:

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Playing For Others

PFO (Playing for Others) is a leadership training program that combines personal development, service and the arts to foster leaders who are confident, compassionate and creative.

Each year, our 9-month program brings together a diverse group of teens from across Charlotte to experience opportunities for learning, growth and personal transformation – not to mention dance parties, team competitions and a ton of fun.

PFO’s model for leadership training is rooted in our belief that personal development and self-awareness are key. Through building relationships with others who are different than we are, learning how to build a strong community and culture, expanding our comfort zones, and growing our confidence, we can become strong leaders of self and others.

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Urban Ministries of Durham

Urban Ministries of Durham is the primary point of connection for those who are homeless, hungry, or in need in Durham. With the help of nearly 4,000 volunteers, countless donations from the community, and dedicated staff, we serve some 6,000 people each year who come seeking food, shelter, clothing, and supportive services. We are the primary public homeless shelter in Durham, and we welcome neighbors regardless of race, ethnicity, religious beliefs or non-faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. We provide immediate relief to those experiencing chronic or temporary homelessness and work with clients to end their homelessness as quickly and responsibly as possible. Last year, 118 people ended their homelessness at UMD.

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