Fostering Hope Ohio

Connecting and enriching youth who live in residential treatment and foster care with unique experiences of hope and healing.

Fostering Hope was established in 2013 to raise awareness of the challenges faced by children within the foster care system and provide opportunities to them while engaging the community in which they reside.

Founders Nicole Shefrin, Jason Shefrin and Jessica Everest,  along with Fostering Hope’s volunteers, work to provide foster children with often taken-for-granted experiences that typify most children’s lives, but due to limited financial and volunteer resources are sometimes lacking in the foster care setting.


Sesame Workshop

We are educators. Creators. Researchers. Moms. Dads. Caregivers. Friends. We are a community of 400+ people (plus some amazing partners!) who are passionate about one thing: helping children. We’re present in more than 150 countries, providing almost two hundred million children with access to life-changing early education, critical health lessons, and helpful tools for tough situations. And joy. Lots of joy.

We reach children in their earliest years, when we know we can have the biggest impact. Before age five, a child’s brain grows faster than at any other time, laying the foundation for all the learning, behavior, and physical and mental health to follow. And Sesame is there, helping those young children grow to reach their full potential.


A Chance In Life

The mission of A Chance In Life began 75 years ago, in the aftermath of World War II. Vast numbers of orphans and vulnerable children were left living on the streets of Italy by the war, and Monsignor John Patrick Carroll-Abbing was determined that someone should care for them. His decision to dedicate himself to their wellbeing defined the course of his life’s work and founded what would become A Chance In Life.

Boys’ & Girls’ Republic of Italy (La Repubblica dei Ragazzi) and Boys’ & Girls’ Towns of Italy (La Città dei Ragazzi) were founded to provide, in Monsignor’s words, “a chance in life” to vulnerable and orphaned children. After months or years of living on their own, many of the children that Monsignor first encountered were unused or unwilling to live under the supervision of adults. This independent nature inspired a visionary approach to youth development at the Towns: give the children the responsibility of running their own Town through the model of self-government.

In the decades following our founding, our organization has navigated the many issues facing the world’s youth and evolved to meet their needs. When more and more refugee and migrant youth began fleeing their home countries to seek safety and opportunity in Italy, our Towns in Italy grew to become a home for children from over 20 countries. A Chance In Life’s proven approach of self-government has been successfully adapted to the cultures of another six countries through Boys’ & Girls’ Towns of Ethiopia, Boys’ & Girls’ Towns of India and Boys’ & Girls’ Towns of Latin America – and given 35,000 young people the chance to grow as leaders in their own communities.

As we celebrate its legacy of the past 75 years, A Chance In Life offers the experience and vision to meet the ever-evolving needs of at-risk youth in the years to come. With the support of our donors, we continue to invest in our family of Towns and provide new initiatives for at-risk youth, continuing Monsignor Carroll-Abbing’s legacy of striving towards a day when every child in the world has “a chance in life.”


Off The Street Club

Founded in 1900, Off The Street Club is Chicago’s oldest boys and girls club. We currently serve more than 3,000 kids in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, West Garfield Park. We are grateful to all our supporters, including the Chicago advertising, marketing and media community.

We are a place where kids can truly find hope. Every child seeking a safe place to go is welcome to join us for games, play and mentorship.


Changing Leads Foundation

Founded in 2014, Changing Leads Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that connects underprivileged and at-risk youth to the wonders of horsemanship.  Changing Leads wants to make the world of horses accessible children who would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet a horse!

We run introductory programs (which are typically once a week for eight weeks) and comprehensive week-long summer camps, as well as year-round programs. Additionally, we offer sponsorships to children who express interest in continuing their horse pursuits!


WeLoveU Foundation

The International WeLoveU Foundation is determined to improve the lives of the global community beyond the borders of nationality, race, socioeconomic status, and religious background. Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah’s undying passion and concern for others is the spark that has allowed WeLoveU to branch out to more than 50 countries worldwide, after only a single decade. As a result, nearly 300,000 participants have helped advance the Chairwoman’s work by organizing activities related to education, emergency relief, environmental protection, health, international aid, and social welfare.

Rebuilding Lives, Poverty & Hunger, Children


We help create healthier schools by bringing all the members of a school community together and equipping them with the…


Wind Youth Services

Wind Youth Services (Wind) believes that promoting the safety, shelter and self-determination of all youth experiencing homelessness, including those who are unstably or unsafely housed – regardless of their ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, sobriety status, engagement in the sex trades, and legal history – is fundamental, not only to their human rights, but also to the promotion of a more socially just and equitable society.

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