Poverty & Hunger

Rebuilding Lives, Poverty & Hunger

habitat for humanity

Through the work of Habitat, thousands of low-income families have found new hope in the form of affordable housing. Churches,…

Poverty & Hunger

one acre fund

One Acre Fund is a non-profit social enterprise that supplies financing and training to help smallholders grow their way out of hunger and build lasting pathways to prosperity.

Poverty & Hunger, Human Rights, Environment

global witness

Sustainable and transparent use of natural resources can help to fund the development needs of many of the poorest people…

Education, Rebuilding Lives, Poverty & Hunger, Human Rights, Healthcare, Environment

gram vikas

Gram Vikas’ which literally means ‘village development’ is a non-governmental organization that works with rural and tribal communities in India…

In Crisis, Rebuilding Lives, Poverty & Hunger, Human Rights

action aid

ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all. Worldwide actionaidusa.org

Poverty & Hunger

fare share

Fare Share saves good food destined for waste and send it to charities and community groups who transform it into nutritious…

Education, Poverty & Hunger, Human Rights

forum for african women educationalists

To promote gender equity and equality in education in Africa by fostering positive policies, practices and attitudes towards girls’ education….

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