REGISTRY FOR DJ Heo-Lu & Daniel Heo-Lu

Date: 5/18/2024

Location: Temecula, CA

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A Note From the couple

DJ Heo-Lu & Daniel Heo-Lu

We’ve talked extensively about wanting to do a charity registry for our wedding for a few years now. In lieu of gifts, please consider joining us in celebrating our marriage with the ritual of giving and incorporating conscious design and living into our everyday lives. Follow the link below to donate to one of our favorite charities, in no particular order.

If you’ve noticed, we really hate cancer. So this list includes a lot of “Fuck Cancer”/”Big Survivor Energy”/”Chemo is tough but we know someone tougher” spirit. And to all our chemo queens who will be attending our wedding, just…thank you. We love you so much.

With gratitude,
DJ & Daniel (and Nova, too)

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