REGISTRY FOR Jordan French & Ian McDonald Just Married!

Date: 9/12/2020

Location: Centennial, WY

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A Note From the couple

Jordan French & Ian McDonald Just Married!

What makes us happiest is when we are helping others. We spend much of our time helping other people, and these organizations do the same. Helping to keep these organizations functioning is a gift to all. Some of these organizations help protect our wild places, which we are very passionate about since we recreate in the beautiful open spaces of Wyoming and the West. Keeping climbing and skiing areas available and accessible is very near to our hearts. Finally, Wyoming Public Radio (WPR) is our favorite news organization. We spend multiple hours a day listening to local and national coverage. We find that it has helped us to be well informed and inspires us to be more active in our community. In short, all of the organizations we listed are fueled by donations. Even if these organizations do not resonate with you, perhaps you will consider a different organization. Any gift that helps others is a gift to us.

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The Couple's Favorite Charities

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