REGISTRY FOR Brian Wu & Katie Kirnan Just Married!

Date: 6/25/2021

Location: Spring Lake, NJ

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A Note From the couple

Brian Wu & Katie Kirnan Just Married!

We appreciate you considering a donation to a cause we care about. Below is a little more information about these organizations:

Planned Parenthood provides health care and education to women, particularly those who are vulnerable and lack access. is committed to ending our reliance on fossil fuels and moving to a clean, renewable future. Best Friends Animal Society advocates for and protects our furry friends through education, adoption, and work with no-kill animal shelters.

Sadly, we could only pick three charities on this site and some of our favorites were not options! If you’re interested in donating to another organization, we also support:
– Center for Black Equity (supports members of the Black LGBTQ+ community)
– Girls Who Code (advocates for more women in tech)
– The Last Mile (provides career assistance for formerly incarcerated individuals)

Thank you so much!

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