REGISTRY FOR Patrick & Eliza Just Married!

Date: 7/10/2021

Location: Phipps Conservatory

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A Note From the couple

Patrick & Eliza Just Married!

American Civil Liberties Union | The ACLU Foundation preserves and promotes civil rights and liberties as guaranteed by the United States Constitution. They use the money given by donors to address everything from reproductive rights and civil liberties to criminal justice reform and immigration rights. They focus on litigation and legal work and have been instrumental in many social justice victories, working more cases at the Supreme Court level than any other private organization.

Black Lives Matter | The BLM Movement has focused on issues of police brutality and violence against black communities since 2013. It’s a broad movement, which advocates for social justice and accountability, and it is known for its Twitter presence and street protests. BLM’s image has shifted a lot since it was founded and the movement has become more widely recognized, supported, and understood in recent years. BLM has been harshly criticized for “dangerous” or “extremist” views by the previous administration and by Republicans in Congress, however, studies have shown that nearly all BLM protests are entirely peaceful. This year, the movement has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize.

Equal Justice Initiative | The EJI provides legal representation for prisoners who may have been wrongfully convicted of crimes. EJI’s founder, Bryan Stevenson is famous for his role in the founding of his organization as outlined in his 2015 book Just Mercy. The work that EJI does is often thankless, disheartening, and dangerous. Alabama is the only state in the US that does not provide legal assistance to death row prisoners. EJI has stepped up to help them. They have also committed to representing convicted minors and those with disabilities, seeking fair trials for all and an end to discrimination based on race or socioeconomic status.

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