REGISTRY FOR MICHAEL BLAUW & Kristy Kumar Just Married!

Date: 7/25/2020

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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A Note From the couple

MICHAEL BLAUW & Kristy Kumar Just Married!

We firmly believe that we have been given much so that we may give. We have been blessed beyond measure with family, friends, education, and jobs that give us means to make a living. For this reason, we would ask that you honor our wedding by giving to some of the greater causes we care about.

We have prioritized a list of charities below that we hope you might find alignment in supporting. We also have a small number of “life items” that you can support us with. We are grateful for either. Especially for those who traveled, we want to acknowledge that the time, energy, and money you are spending to be with us on our wedding is more than enough.

Our Charities

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The Couple's Favorite Charities

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