REGISTRY FOR Peter Baumann & Christine Muggee Just Married!

Date: 7/10/2021

Location: Vail, Colorado

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A Note From the couple

Peter Baumann & Christine Muggee Just Married!

The Innocence Project is a national organization specializing in the use of DNA evidence to re-open and exonerate wrongful convictions. Since the Innocence Project was founded in 1992, DNA evidence has been used to overturn the convictions of nearly 400 individuals, including 21 who were on death row at the time of their release. In addition to working to free those that have been wrongfully convicted, the Innocence Project also advocates for reforms designed to decrease wrongful convictions in the first place and improve the criminal justice system.

The Environmental Defense Fund uses market-based solutions to address the biggest environmental challenges of our time, including climate change, wildlife protection, and global sustainability. The Fund prides itself on taking a pragmatic approach to climate defense, partnering with a broad range of organizations and advocacy groups, including businesses, farms, and local communities.

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