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Konspicuous Foundation

History of Konspicuous Foundation
“Being Konspicuous” and the Konspicuous concept started on November 22nd, 1986 on the campus Tennessee State University, TSU, in Nashville, TN. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Alpha Theta Chapter introduced its newest and long-awaited inductees, 29 young men to the TSU campus during a football game vs. Alabama A&M University. The magnitude of the celebration following the induction carried over to the football game taking place. The distinctive crimson sport coats they wore along with the commotion from the celebration caught everyone’s attention and the entire stadium was focusing on this moment.

This event inspired the name Konspicuous 29 ®. Spelled with a K as a standout from the C spelling, the word Konspicuous means “attracting notice or attention or boldly standing out as part of a collective”. Since that time, Konspicuous 29 committed to live up to its name and constantly challenge the notions of indistinct, ordinary, or subtle. In all endeavors we ALWAYS ask the question “Was it Konspicuous?”

The Konspicuous Foundation was founded to help apply its meaning to HBCU students, HBCU alumni, HBCUs, and Donors. We want to actively engage each of these areas and help them to Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Konspicuous in support of the of Konspicuous Foundation mission, goals, and objectives.