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Seattle T2P2

Menstrual products are expensive! We founded Seattle T2P2 on International Women’s Day 2017 to provide menstrual products to low-income, students, and unhoused people. Tampons and pads are considered “luxury” items ineligible for purchase on government assistance programs like food stamps. If you’re a person living on the streets, in transitional housing, or a young adult, it can be hard to afford $13.25 a month for menstrual products.

Without these products, people have to improvise using rags or use toilet paper while staying near public restrooms for several days. Watch this video from Bustle which explains what it’s like to be unhoused and unable to afford menstruation products.

While organizations servicing these people do an excellent job of providing a safe place to sleep and a warm meal, they often rely on what is donated to them. These donations don’t typically include menstruation products like pads, tampons, or liners.