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Central California SPCA

As the premier animal welfare organization in California’s Central Valley, we are committed to leading and serving our community of animals and people by providing programs and services which serve all the stages of an animal’s life. These programs include Adoptions, Rescue, Humane Investigations, Foster Care, Owner Surrenders, Outreach, Humane Education, Veterinary Services, Spay/Neuter programs, and many other Pet Services.

The modern facilities and our caring staff offer safe refuge, nourishment, medical care, and love to every animal in our Animal Center. Shelter is provided for those owned but temporarily without homes because their owners can no longer keep them.

The CCSPCA does not receive funding from any federal, state, or local government agency, nor any national organization (including the ASPCA). The CCSPCA owns its own land, buildings, and equipment purchased with privately donated funds. Our funds come from our loyal supporters, allowing us to provide many vital services to our community.