Less than one hour off the island of Bali, is a surfer retreat turned romantic resort destination called Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu is rustic, bohemian and everything else you would think of when you think surfer retreat, with the relatively recent change in ownership to the Burch family, it is also ultimate luxury and the perfect location for a secluded honeymoon. But it’s so so much more.


With their ancient tribal culture, The people on the island of Sumba have struggled with the essentials of poverty, hunger and healthcare for a very long time, and not to mention access to education and other skills have been relatively non existent until Nihiwatu came along. You see, instead of coming in and changing the island life and turning the culture into something it isn’t, Nihiwatu sustains the community with 100% of all profits going to support healthcare, education as well as fighting things like malnutrition. The entire property is operated by the local population and the funds made from the resort go back to building the beautiful community responsible for creating so many amazing memories for their guests. Nihiwatu does all of this through the Sumba Foundation.


In 2015 alone, the Sumba Foundation, built school kitchens, created a mama to mama program to support midwives and ultimately reducing and eventually alleviating the high infant mortality rate for pregnancies on the island. There is a malaria training center and last year alone they brought in a team of eye professionals for over 80 eye surgeries on the people of the island. And there really is so much more…And that’s just the giving back. The resort itself is just breathtaking. During your honeymoon you can surf, picnic under the waterfalls, go fishing as well as just enjoy the landscape. Understated, luxurious and doing so so much good. What a great place to celebrate something as special as your wedding. If you’re interested in exploring Nihiwatu for your honeymoon, do yourself a big favor and contact one of our favorite do-gooders, Katie Frederick from EA Honeymoons to schedule your trip.




If you want to support Nihiwatu and the island of Sumba, but can’t make the trek, the Sumba Foundation is a great organization to consider for your registry. Learn more here. 





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