intelligentsia-cafe-linus-bikes-abbot-kinney-los-angeles-conde-nast-traveller-24feb14-jessica-sample_646x430Some places are just good. They are filled with charming spots, interesting people and lots to do. Abbot Kinney in Venice, California is one of those spots. And with an energetical pull for do gooding businesses, there is so much fun to be had here all while supporting your conscious lifestyle. Next time you’re in Los Angeles with your sweetie and are looking for something to do, consider checking out some or all of the following lil activities on Abbot Kinney:

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BREAKFAST AT ANOTHER KIND OF SUNRISE // If you’re out and about early, stop by this charming little counter for a smoothie, granola or other light breakfast. All ingredients are organic, locally sourced and environmentally friendly.


GRAB A CUP OF INTELLIGENTSIA // I say Intelligentsia instead of coffee, because if you’ve ever had their coffee you know it’s a whole other level, both quality wise and consciously, it turns out. The founders of Intelligentsia hand select and buy direct from the growers of the beans. In doing so they require that each grower is committed to environmentally sound growing practices and the pricing must be 25% above the Fair Trade price ultimately ensuring the employees are making a livable wage. The owners visit the farms regularly to ensure everything is on the up and up. I assure you the extra love that goes into each bean reflects in the final product.


DO A LITTLE SHOPPING // You can’t get off this street without at least a little bit of window shopping, but it’s also filled with shops you can feel good about spending a few dollars. From animal friendly beauty products to American made clothing to buy one, give one policies, there are a ton of options. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Aesop // Health & beauty products using plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients.

Alternative //Eco-minded, easy-to-wear, mostly sustainable apparel.

Tom’s // We all know about the buy one, give one policy of Tom’s. So go get yourself some matching shoes and be that couple.

Buck Mason // For the guy’s, American made classics including denim, tee’s and the like.

Cuyana // With their Lean Closet philosophy and personally finding artisans around the world to ensure clothes are consciously made, we can’t get enough of this little boutique.

Or visit one of the local artisans providing everything from jewelry to ceramics and more. 

HAVE A LATE LUNCH AT WILLIE JANE // Farm to table, local sourced and sustainable, Willie Jane is where to go for Southern Inspired comfort food on Abbot Kinney.


OR A FEW ANIMAL FRIENDLY BITES AT PLANT FOOD & WINE // All Vegan, all the time. Beautiful gardens and kind to the environment.


GET SPA TREATMENTS AT SPA SOPHIA // Only using products and modalities that ensure environmental sustainability, science and holistic wellness.


END YOUR DAY WITH ICE CREAM AT SALT & STRAW // Seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms in a delicious little package.

That’s it! That’s how I’d spend a day with my sweetie on Abbot Kinney. If you know of any other part of the world where you can spend your whole day exploring consciously, email us at We’d love to share your suggestions with our readers.


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