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Sleeping in, morning cuddles, breakfast in bed – all done together as a couple. Just the little things in married life newlyweds can look forward to and some of the small things in life couples cherish.

A couple’s bedroom is their sanctuary – a place to recharge, rest and relax.

Whether your style is romantic or minimalist, building a space and a home for you and your love is a simple pleasure a couple can look forward to and what better room to start than in the bedroom? For the socially conscious couple we know that buying anything new is carefully thought out so we found some worthy finds to make your bedroom purposeful and good just like you.

Starting with the base and where you’ll spend most of your time, your bed- more specifically your mattress.

A certified B corp Leesa is a mattress company simplifying the mattress industry. They say they’ve taken away all the “junk” out of mattresses and have simplified it in two options: Leesa and Sapira both made with memory foam. They do their good in 3 ways. For every mattress sold they plant a tree, for every ten sold they donate a mattress to homeless shelters and their staff is also given time off to volunteer at local charities.

Avocado Mattress is an option for the eco-friendly couple. They offer mattresses that are nontoxic and made of natural and organic materials- all handcrafted in the USA. Besides how their mattresses are made by being friendly to the environment they also do good by choosing some non-profit partner every 1-2 months for their giving back from organizations that help the poor to the environment.

Both companies above offer a 100-day trial so you’ll know which mattress suits you best from the kind of sleep you are getting.

No matter what mattress you choose, that bedding on that mattress is just as important to a good night’s rest.

Cotton and Care gets our “made in the USA choice” with their ethos of “putting ethical manufacturing and environmental responsibility ahead of profits.” What kind of business does that? A good one, we say.

Their sheets are made from Supima® Cotton (aka fancy cotton) and is grown in a California family farm and the final sheets are ethically manufactured in a USA family owned facility.

They don’t stop there. They also donate 50% of their profits to the world water crisis to help bring clean water to those in need. You would think being made in the USA would make their prices soar but they want to bring luxury to the masses by being affordable.

Boll & Branch also offers organic, ethically made and luxurious bedding without the luxurious price tag. They can be a choice for other options like blankets, pillow shams and towels.

They are direct to consumer so they’ve taken the middle men costs out of their products. Being ethically made they are committed to a conflict- free supply chain but they know that others are not so they also give back to the cause of fighting human trafficking.

We must admit both Cotton and Care and Boll & Branch’s online pics are swoon worthy wanting you to jump in bed with their plush bedding.

Now that we’ve got the bed in place it’s time to set the mood. And what better way to set a romantic mood than with candles?

These soy white candles from female founded nonprofit The Little Market are perfect for newlyweds with fun sayings like “amor”, “better together”, “I do”, and “it was always you”.

The Little Market partnered up with certified B corp Prosperity Candle who employs female refugees from Burmese and Bhutanese to make the candles all right in the USA. Their social goodness doesn’t deter them from the craftmanship and quality of candle making. They say it took them 3 months to design and perfect one of the candles – now that’s true commitment to your art.

Setting the mood with the flicker of a wick is indeed romantic but sometimes you may just need to relax. A lavender scent is known for putting oneself in a relaxed state and we found this Thistle Farms Lavender candle at True Ethic. The candle and all their goods are Fairtrade and made in the USA. This candle is made by women who are healing and recovering from sex trafficking.

So much positive impact to be made all right in your own bedroom. Who would’ve thought a bedroom can be filled with so much social goodness.

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