We’re back again with Thr3efold today, who if you haven’t heard by now, we just love. You can read all my gushing here as well as get a peek at her last guest post. For those of you not familiar with her, however, please hop over to her site and soak all the conscious consumer, sustainable fashion, ethical angelness that she offers. In the meantime, we’re excited to have her share her tips on being a more conscious consumer which is helpful for every bride, newlywed or new family. Check out the original post here. 

You’ve got a busy life, but you have a big heart and you want your life to mean something. We get you and we are on the same page. So today we are giving you the down and dirty list of 5 really, really ridiculously easy ways to be a conscious consumer and still live your life large. You’re welcome.
1 | Buy What You Need Not What You Want
You will still have needs so cut the Catholic guilt and start leaning into how to buy better i.e. with intention. Wait a week or even a month before purchasing an item, it tends to take out the emotion and leaves you left with what you actually need, like the perfect new jeans to replace your super worn out pair.
2 | Support the Good Brands
Not sure what brands to buy? Subscribe to our weekly Conscious Consumer emails where we highlight the best brands in ethical & sustainable fashion that are cute and making change happen.
3 | Join in the Conversation
Follow us on Instagram for even more brand features, travel inspiration, and ethical education. But even more important, comment, tag your friends and jump on the ethical fashion train. You’ll make friends who love what you love and find even more fun going on in this side of fashion. What are you waiting for? Dive in!

4 | Host a Clothing SwapWhen you are ready to say goodbye to some old flames, your friends may be ready to take them off your hands and vice versa! It’s simple. Just invite them over, have them all bring old clothes. Try said old clothes on and pick your new favorites. Then take a trip to the nearest clothing donation center to properly recycle your old garments for someone else to use.

5 | Be a Writer
We are always looking for contributing writers to feature great brands and give a glimpse into their life as a conscious consumer and show how easy and empowering it is! Apply to be a writer by submitting your article ideas along with some sample writing work to get started. Email us here.

You see? Super easy. Now that you’re armed with knowledge go out and change your world through your small but significant choices as a conscious consumer. We’re so proud!

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