Vintage Meets Aloha // An Ethical San Francisco Engagement Shoot

We’re back with another guest post from maker and storyteller, Praise Santos of ComePlum Photography! For those of you who haven’t heard of her yet, she is a San Francisco based photographer that we have a MAJOR crush on.  Please hop over to her site, ComePlum, and soak up all the beauty of her photography that creates more awareness around the Ethical Weddings movement. But in the meantime, we’re excited to have her share this Vintage Ethical San Francisco Engagement Shoot with us. Check out the original post here.

Aloha-ers: this is Natasha and Dylan.

Their math makes me happy.
His jovialness + her certainty = an off-the-beaten path engagement shoot that was creatively fulfilling and sustainable through chilly, chilly Corona Heights in San Francisco.

Tasha has a creative surety that I admire. Her wardrobe styling of this engagement shoot included 70s wear + vintage island prints which is the perfect appetizer for their Hawaii wedding next year.

I am fangirling over how they are planning their celebration not with a focus on extravagance but rather on experience. It’s a multi-day agenda with their guests that will encourage quality time. It reminds me of why this ethical weddings movement is so important: it’s about people. It’s about remembering that your choices have an impact on what will matter in the long run. Since Natasha heads up The Consistency Project, a lifestyle brand that promotes making smarter, sustainable consumer experiences, this direction with a focus on quality comes at no surprise. I love my gal who is living this out holistically in her business and personal life. Also, even before I got to know Dylan personally, Natasha told me how ridiculously good of a friend he is. He’s on a group text with over a dozen of his best buds. It is highly likely that at this very moment he’s getting an iMessage from one of his besties that may include a meme. Again, it’s about people.

P.S. I know many of you are going to scroll through because of their adorable Frenchies Dallas and Nixon. You are not alone. It was so hot in the studio that day that Nix was nappin’ it up like he was getting paid for it. It. Was. Adorable. I didn’t know I could become a bigger fan of these pups but that day I almost became president of their fan club.


Wardrobe: The Consistency Project
Locations: 85BStudio & Corona Heights
Ukulele Jams: Dylan of the Soul Shakers


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